Testing Facilities

Technical Facilities

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Simulation & Impact Testing

We take the guesswork out of your equipment when you implement simulation and impact testing to see how well your new product performs on the job. Through simulation, we test how each cast will function, while impact tests as per client needs allow us to push the limits and understand the reliability and durability of your castings.

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Full-Service Testing

We have a fully functional and programmable CMM facility which accurately inspects and records the dimensions. We also involve a universal testing machine(UTM) to test the mechanical properties.

Accurate Analyses

Using the Paint Thickness Tester, the thickness of the paint on casting is tested periodically to ensure even distribution across the piece and as per client requirement. We also use a spectrometer to record and analyze the chemical composition and have also implemented magnetic particle inspection MPI and an image analyzer to run additional tests for quality control for your castings.