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AKP Foundries doesn’t just limit our business to serving only South Asia. For over 42 years we’ve worked with numerous companies just like yours around the world to provide quality castings that enable these businesses to produce products that can truly make a difference to their customers. We take our castings seriously so that you produce top-notch products.


Loved By Past Clients

Past clients include Volvo, JCB, Caterpillar, Crane, Emerson, and Cummins to name a few that have turned to AKP Ferrocast for help in creating solid ironwork that gets the job done. For years, these businesses have turned to us to provide them with long-lasting and capable iron casting solutions that they can count on.


Trusted By The Best

When looking for a casting company, the cream of the crop knows that AKP Ferrocast is the place to turn to for Ductile and Gray Iron castings. Because of our years of experience and our commitment to quality, large scale companies are comfortable putting their faith in our hands. They know that they’re being provided quality products that truly work.

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